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We Made You Look: Exploring Hip Hop’s Impact on Black Visual Culture

  Register for Event   Center for Black Visual Culture The Center for Black Visual Culture welcomes luminary creatives with deep hip hop roots to interrogate the now 50 year old art form’s impact on Black visual culture. Panelists: Lisa Leone (Director, Photographer), Carlos Mare (Artist & Scholar), Charles Stone III (Director), and Zulu Williams (Creative Director & Designer). Moderator: Rob Marriott (Author, DJ & Filmmaker) With celebrations about the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop now behind us, The Center for Black Visual Culture has asked luminaries Lisa Leone (Director, Writer & Photographer), Carlos Mare (Artist & Scholar), Rob Marriott (Author, Editor, DJ & Filmmaker), Charles Stone III (Director), and Zulu Williams (Artist & Designer) to offer their insights on Hip Hop's impact on Black Visual Culture. Date:  March 26, 2024 Time:  6:30pm EST Location: 20 Cooper Square 3rd Floor Lobby New York, NY 10003

Exploring Black Rest in Black Music

  Register for Event   Center for Black Visual Culture A continuation of the Black Rest Project at the Center for Black Visual Culture, we present the Rest in Black Music Panel! Featuring Jake Goldbas, Dr. Fredara Hadley, Rich Medina, and Dr. Mark Anthony Neal moderated by Dr. Kwami Coleman, this panel interrogates the critical role Black music plays in facilitating the act of rest for Black bodies, and will explore how "the rest" and "the break" in music function as facilitators of reprieve and revival. Please join us at 20 Cooper Square, Room 101 for an insightful discussion with our distinguished panel of musicians, artists and scholars. Whether you're already familiar or just curious, this event will leave you with a new appreciation for the power of Black music and the act of rest as a resistant and liberatory practice. We look forward to seeing you! Date:  March 6th, 2024 Time: ...

Book Talk: Our Secret Society

  Register for Event   Center for Black Visual Culture Please join the Center for Black Visual Culture and Dr. Tanisha Ford for a discussion and signing of Dr. Ford's book Our Secret Society: Mollie Moon and the Glamour, Money and Power Behind the Civil Rights Movement. An engrossing social history of Mollie Moon, the stylish founder of the National Urban Leage Guild and fundraiser extraordinaire, Our Secret Society brilliantly illuminates the highly significant and long overlooked powerhouse fundraising effort that supported the civil rights movement. Our Secret Society is nominated for an NAACP Award for Autobiography. Tanisha C. Ford is a foremost voice speaking on the intersection of politics, economics, and culture. She makes connections between the past and the present in ways that shed new light on today's most pressing social issues. She is Professor of History and Biography and Memoir at The Graduate Center, CUNY. Tanisha has written four...

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