John Akomfrah: Five Murmurations on view at Lisson Gallery in NYC until October 16, 2021

Since March 2020, the London-based artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah has been working on the longest continuous-running project of his career. Living through one of the most turbulent, monumental periods in history, Akomfrah has turned his attention to the creation of a filmic archive of today, made in real-time, documenting how individuals and communities have been coping with the pandemic, the radical mobilization seen on the streets and the disruption of cycles of racism, and the increasingly urgent crisis of climate change. Culminating in a new three-screen video installation, this body of work is a deep exploration into our understanding of the personal within a collective consciousness of emergency, portraiture, mortality, revenge, mourning and memory. Akomfrah has gained acclaim for engaging with the most pressing global questions concerning us today — from the destruction of our fragile global environments, to post-colonialism and the specters of those past histories; from memory as literal archive, to…

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